Success Stories

AI BioTech, LLC

"Implementing RCM solutions that will help us navigate the reimbursement and regulatory complexities of the molecular diagnostics market is critical to drive rapid company growth. XIFIN was the clear choice because the company has a solid reputation for achieving results, powerful web service technology, and a leadership team recognized for change advocacy and reform in the molecular DX and diagnostic services market. I am confident that our partnership with XIFIN will provide the framework we need to strategically manage our operations and drive growth and profitability."

-Bill Miller, Former CEO, AI BioTech

AMS Reference Lab

"There was so much dropping through the cracks. I knew it. I just didn't know how to find it and I didn't know how to do anything to make it better."

-Janet Kaufman, Business Manager, AMS Reference Lab

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GE Healthcare (Clarient Diagnostic Services)

"We've seen a 35% improvement in our cash collections over the short two year period that we've had the XIFIN product up and running and validated. It's been a very important tool for us to really improve the financial health of our company."

-Ron Andrews, Former CEO, Clarient Inc., a GE Healthcare Company

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Integrated Oncology (US Labs)

"The process gave us the personal assurance that we were getting good data in and out of the system with correct bills, codes, and a definitive trust in the net revenue number."

-Judd Jessup, Former CEO, US Labs

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LabWest (Westcliff Laboratories)

"I've been impressed with their ability to provide a comprehensive AR system that is user friendly and provides the flexibility in information reporting formats to meet our needs."

-Richard Nicholson, Former CEO, LabWest (Westcliff Laboratories)

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Myriad Genetics

"We went live with XIFIN in 2007 and we are continually getting more efficiencies and our stats continue to get better."

-Todd Ogaard, Vice President, Myriad Genetics

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NICL Laboratories

"There was definitely a return on cash and that was return on all the old stuff that just sat there, unbilled, because of missing information; because I couldn't find it."

-Joel Welder, Controller, NICL Laboratories

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North Memorial Reference Laboratory

"The data we get is sound, is valid. Actually, XIFIN is our source of truth. Even when accounting or finance questions volumes, we say, let's go to XIFIN— that's our source of truth."

-—Bobbi Kochevar, Director of Diagnostic Therapy & Care Management, North Memorial
North Memorial Reference Laboratory
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North Shore-LIJ Laboratories

"Not only is XIFIN a business partner, they're a colleague in what we do. It's transparent to us. XIFIN is part of North Shore-LIJ in what we do every day."

-Richard Tesoriero, Finance Director, North Shore-LIJ Laboratories

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"My group and I have never looked back in the 6 years since we made our professional home in the cloud. In fact, at meetings when I hear colleagues discussing the inflexibility and cost of their traditional LIS systems, I confess with a measure of guilt that I feel like a Tesla driver listening to the problems of horse-drawn carriage drivers."

-Gregory S. Henderson, MD, PhD, Founder, PathForce

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Physicians Reference Laboratory

"Before XIFIN, things that were going into bad debt were both contractual adjustments as well as true bad debt. Now, we have a better indicator from a financial statement perspective how we're really performing and it's been a huge advantage to us."

-Dan Spragle, Former EVP and COO, Physicians Reference Laboratory

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"We are extremely pleased with the progress of Sequenom Laboratories billing process, which was brought in-house in the second quarter, providing us with improved visibility...."

-Paul V. Maier, CFO, Sequenom

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Sonora Quest Laboratories

"Given the complexity of healthcare billing, especially in the lab industry, SaaS will help us leverage external expertise without replicating resources in house. By utilizing the rules-based engines inherent in the XIFIN software, we will see efficiencies in our process, improvements in our reimbursement and revenue cycle, plus enhancements in our reporting capabilities. With these improvements, we expect to see an immediate return on our SaaS expenditures."

-David Lutich, CFO, Sonora Quest Laboratories

Sterling Healthcare Services

"We were really looking for visability. We knew we had problems, we just didn't know where they were, how bad they were, or how to manage those problems."

-Michelle Elliott, VP, Billing & Reimbursement, Sterling Healthcare Services
Sterling Healthcare Services
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Sunrise Medical Laboratories (Piedmont Medical Laboratory)

"XIFIN's Web-based solution provided instantaneous updates, decision support, comprehensive reporting and other important automation functionality."

-Joe Skrisson, Former CEO, Piedmont Medical Laboratory

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USC Keck Medical Center

"'It works fantastically... in conjunction with a cloud-based AP LIS, [XIFIN LIS Anywhere formerly] called PathCentral'... 'its fidelity is enhanced via programming services that can be automated in the EHR and AP LIS,' he adds...A lab technician will verify the information in the AP LIS, and 'the accessioning process is reduced from two to three minutes per case to five to 10 seconds.'...'This makes it possible for us to plan our personnel for increased specimen loads and makes us immediately aware of specimens that haven’t arrived in pathology,'....The process will continue beyond accessioning, 'to track all specimen containers to gross benches where cassettes are printed on demand, into and through histology processing, and ultimately to the pathologist to whom cases are assigned.' Once complete, they will be scanned into archives."

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-John Vallone, MD, Director of informatics and digital pathology, USC Keck Medical Center
USC Keck Medical Center