XIFIN continues to pioneer innovation in health economics optimization. Our vision keeps us moving forward, innovating and continuously improving everything we do. Our values embody who we are and how we work.


XIFIN, Inc. is an innovative cloud computing company dedicated to a vision of optimizing the economics of healthcare. We believe this vision is the key to unlocking a world where healthcare operates with efficiency and makes informed, optimized decisions, where information helps build healthy organizations and deliver the best care and patient outcomes possible.


XIFIN’s mission is to deliver value to our customers through exceptional technology and services that provide the necessary connectivity, metrics and knowledge to enable healthcare providers to optimize their business and financial operations while helping to optimize healthcare delivery and outcomes.


At XIFIN, uncompromising integrity is coupled with a passion for customers. This foundation sets the stage for our core values, which inform and inspire our people and distinguish us as a corporation:


Corporate Responsibility


At XIFIN, we take pride in our role as partner and advocate in the healthcare industry; throughout our organization, we work hard to understand the complex issues that impact our services and products and continually strive to make significant impacts that benefit all.

Business Ethics

The way we conduct ourselves—with each other, our customers, shareholders, employees, partners and competitors—is central to XIFIN’s reputation as an ethical company. Our actions and conduct are proof that our customers and stakeholders can rely on us and trust what we say. Our policies comply with industry regulations and adhere to the highest levels of business ethics and integrity.