Partnerships are key to delivering maximum value to our clients. XIFIN partners with healthcare innovators who also recognize the power and value of interoperability and communication. XIFIN also establishes and maintains partnerships with and interfaces to clearinghouses, payors, government agencies and other online information and data sources, in order to free its clients from the need to manage and support these relationships.

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Business Partners


Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) Solutions for both big and small (and even in between).

CAC isn't a one-size fits all solution. We realize that. But whether you're big or small, 3M's inpatient, facility and professional computer-assisted coding solutions expedite the coding process without compromising accuracy and compliance. With a 3M-proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine that examines the text of a patient's record and assigns accurate codes for human review or to go directly to billing, you can have confidence in improved productivity, return on investment (ROI), and solid preparation for the increased documentation specificity demanded for ICD-10 coding.


Atlas Development Corporation, a privately held company with more than 21 years of service delivering mission-critical solutions to health industry leaders, operates three divisions: Atlas Medical, Atlas Public Health and Atlas Consulting. Our Medical division provides a suite of industry leading connectivity solutions to hundreds of national and regional commercial diagnostic testing facilities and hospital outreach programs accessed by more than 75,000 physicians and clinicians. Our Public Health division provides a suite of epidemiological surveillance and outbreak management solutions for the public and clinical environments that protect over 45,000,000 people throughout North America. Atlas Consulting works with organizations to create and implement software solutions that deliver operational efficiency.

Business Objects

SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions can empower your teams to achieve remarkable results by allowing anyone in your organization self-service access to relevant information. And by helping business users transform their decision making by providing fact-based, quality information regardless of where the data resides.


For more than 20 years, Capario has provided industry-leading technology solutions to help providers get paid more quickly and more accurately. Capario operates a single, nationwide, real-time, open network that powers its revenue cycle management solutions. Capario has connectivity to more than 5,000 payers and is directly connected to more than 74,000 providers and an additional 200,000 providers via vendor partners. Based in Santa Ana, Calif., Capario is accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and the CAQH® Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE®) for Phases I and II. Capario is a privately held company owned by Marlin Equity Partners. To learn more, visit


Over 11 million people use eFax every day for their fax communications. As a world-class Internet fax solution, eFax empowers you with many advantages, including the largest selection of local and toll-free fax numbers in over 49 countries on six continents.

Easy as email

Using the convenience of the Internet, eFax enables you to quickly access faxes from your laptop, desktop or wireless device. Faxes are delivered as attachments directly to your email inbox. eFax is also compatible with Outlook and other popular email accounts.

Fast, reliable, and secure

Powered by a global network of cutting-edge servers, eFax provides unparalleled transmission security and maintains a 99.5% up-time. This means that you will never get a busy signal. Fax documents can also be stored for the lifetime of your account and are easily searchable. With all of these great benefits, eFax is the premier online fax solution.

eFax is owned and operated by j2 Global (NASDAQ: JCOM). To learn more about j2 Global, including investor relations, press releases, and job opportunities, please visit us at

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First Data

First Data enables payments around the world every second of every day for more than 6 million merchant locations, thousands of card issuers and millions of consumers. As the recognized global payments processing leader, First Data makes those payment transactions secure, fast and easy, whether the choice of payment is by debit or credit card, gift card, check or mobile phone, online or at the checkout counter.

Healthcare Systems Management Group

Healthcare Systems Management Group, Inc. (HSMG) offers specialized health care information technology and document management services and solutions to all types of health care organizations, including practices, hospitals and labs. Our over twenty years of experience provides our clients with the right solutions to meet their needs. Choose from two fully certified EHR platforms that meet HITECH reimbursement criteria, as well as document management solutions that meet HIPAA security guidelines. Our Document Management solutions provide seamless integration with line of business applications such as lab management, accounting and HR software. Full service outcomes that include hardware, software, design and installation, training and support. Enhanced document management solutions that incorporate automated capture and indexing with enhanced audit trail, in a hosted or in-house environment that include automated workflow, email archiving and records management at no additional cost. Community hospitals can also take advantage of additional software that integrates with existing EHR platforms for enhanced electronic patient information and administrative oversight.


IDology, Inc. provides real-time technology solutions that verify an individual's identity and age for anyone conducting business in a consumer-not-present environment to help drive revenue, decrease costs, prevent fraud and meet compliance regulations. Founded in 2003, IDology offers a solution-driven approach to identity verification and fraud prevention that ultimately helps increase customer acquisition and improve customer experience. IDology has developed an innovative and on-demand technology platform that allows customers to control the entire proofing process and provides the flexibility to make configuration changes that are deployed automatically – without having to rely on internal IT resources or IDology's customer service – so customers can stay ahead of the fraud landscape while maintaining compliance.


Matrix Imaging Solutions specializes in electronic data transfer and document processing for all types of companies. Matrix Imaging offers complete solutions for the creation, management and delivery of customer documents. Their experience with mail processing allows you to reduce processing costs by handling many of the steps required to get your billings, collection letters, statements, and direct mail pieces in the mail.


Mikroscan is based in Carlsbad, California and manufactures brightfield microscopy solutions for use in real time telemicroscopy and telepathology applications. From the frozen section room to your remote office, Mikroscan makes sharing and interacting with whole slide images easy.

Our solutions serve a variety of applications in anatomic/surgical pathology. Hospital groups looking to improve efficiency make use of our Live-Q™ software and the D2 desktop imager for real time, remote evaluation of frozen sections and fine needle aspirations. Our Q-Skan™ software permits anatomic and surgical pathologists to collect images, store them and share them for later consultation. Additional solutions take the place of multi-head microscopes used to train pathology residents and medical students.

Noah Management Group (now Payor Logic Inc.)

Noah Management Group (now Payor Logic Inc.) was formed when an industry void continued to resurface. In our search for accurate, streamlined A/R solutions, we came across several entities who had very useful products, but there were none to be found who had bundled those products into one comprehensive package. Leveraging expansive networks of partners has allowed us to create propriety solutions, filling the industry void and ensuring you the very best value for your dollar.

NMG was officially formed in early 2008 and, in this short amount of time, has experienced rapid expansion and success. In 2014, Noah Management Group merged with partner, Payor Logic Inc., and is excited to be moving forward with the new name of Payor Logic Inc.

Our mission is to improve healthcare cash flow with intelligent technology solutions.


QualityStar is a quality analytics and case review subscription service for Anatomic Pathology offering confidential third party quality assurance review with metrics to measure and continuously improve diagnostic proficiency. Approved by the American Board of Pathology (ABP) as a QA program for Part IV Maintenance of Certification, QualityStar draws on a national network of sub-specialists and serves as a low cost and impartial alternative to in-house quality assurance. QualityStar goes beyond the standard peer review concept – ultimately to help pathology practices reduce diagnostic interpretive errors and improve patient care.

Revenue Advantage

Revenue Advantage offers innovative and proven revenue management tools to streamline the collection of patient balances to turn your accounts receivable into more cash, faster and less expensively. Since its 2002 founding, Revenue Advantage has provided IVR and Web-based applications, collectively, to tens of thousands of physicians, thousands of hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic imaging centers and national and regional healthcare billing companies.

Search America

MPV enables more than 75,000 providers to optimize revenue collection from patients and payers. Through a combination of proven technology and consultative services, MPV assists these providers in maintaining profitability by automating and streamlining critical revenue cycle functions. MPV’s principal investors are Rho Ventures, CenterPoint Ventures, Star Ventures and Care Capital.


SyTrue™ uses intelligent natural language processing to create vastly more usable data (from unstructured and structured sources) in seconds. SyTrue™ allows health systems, physician groups, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies to mine their multi-sourced clinical data.  Until now, only billing or EMR-keyed data was usable this way. SyTrue™ in short, creates a longitudinal record for patient populations (from multiple systems) and makes it usable in seconds.


TransFirst, the ninth largest provider of secure payment processing in the U.S., provides merchant services and products that can help businesses of all sizes and industries grow and prosper. We offer tailor-made solutions to merchants and service providers, financial institutions, independent sales professionals and referral/reseller partners.