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XIFIN Advanced Analytics Help Diagnostic Financial, and Billing Leaders More Easily Explore Complex RCM Data: XIFIN BI Enterprise

RCM data is complex and by its very nature, changes through the claim lifecycle, which can make analysis challenging. That is why XIFIN RPM now offers advanced analytics and visualization options, in addition to its powerful business intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities.Executive Advanced Analytics: Question and Answer Storyboard FormatXIFIN currently offers four advanced analytics...


Diagnostic Leaders Gain More Insight from Complex RCM Data in an Easy to Navigate Question and Answer Format: XIFIN BI Executive

To have insight into diagnostic business decisions and improve patient outcomes, healthcare executives must have access and visibility to data in order to precisely measure results and compare them to internal goals and industry benchmarks.Revenue cycle management (RCM) leaders, in particular, need better access to operational and financial data to make both strategic and tactical decisions...


XIFIN Advanced Analytics Help Lab Leaders Gain More Insight from Complex RCM Data: BI Essentials

To effectively manage complex laboratory business decisions and optimize outcomes, diagnostic leaders must be able to precisely measure results and easily compare them to internal goals and industry benchmarks. Executives, finance leaders, billing, revenue cycle management (RCM) directors, and other departmental managers need operational and financial data access. However, they typically need...