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Don’t Let a Crisis Misguide Your Choice in Revenue Cycle Management Systems for Outreach or Outpatient Labs

Hospital outreach program leaders are very familiar with management from the hospital or health system proposing that the current electronic health record (EHR) system is sufficient to support the outreach and outpatient laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM) process. “It’ll save money,” they say. “They (the vendor) tell us that it works fine for outreach and outpatient lab claims,” they add....


The Two Most Important Documents Produced by a Lab: Results and Claims

In today’s complex diagnostics market, it is easy for lab leaders to get distracted by rapid volume changes, new regulations, fee schedule changes, restrictive payor policies, and significant reductions in reimbursements. The diagnostic providers that thrive in this often-unpredictable market are those that focus on the two most important information sources produced by a laboratory ― test...