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Laboratory Economics' Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Lab Survey

Attention pathology groups! Laboratory Economics, an independent market research firm focused on the business of pathology and laboratory medicine, is conducting a survey to gain insight on current business trends among anatomic pathology groups and clinical labs. Please take a few moments to fill out this survey and in return for your participation, you will receive a full summary of the survey...


Digital Pathology Primary Diagnosis is Approved – Is Your Lab Ready for the Future?

Earlier this month, there was an exciting announcement that Leica received their FDA 510(k) clearance to market a digital pathology whole slide imaging system for primary diagnosis. This comes on the heels of Philips’ groundbreaking announcement of FDA clearance in late 2017, which was the first device ever cleared for primary diagnosis. These advancements are initiating significant momentum in...


How to Increase Lab Revenue With an Effective TCPC Program

This year at the DPA Pathology Visions- Digital Pathology Bringing the Future Into Focus conference I will be presenting a poster on effective TCPC programs and how they can increase revenue for labs. This discussion will be based off a XIFIN study that demonstrated the current TCPC revenue opportunities a lab should evaluate.Our analysis team performed an assessment on the impact of proposed...


Integrating Pathology Into the Care Team – A Workflow Solution for Integrated Healthcare Data Exchange and Collaboration

At the 2018 Executive War College event, XIFIN Vice President of Informatics, Patricia Goede and I discussed the value and importance of integrating pathologists and pathology lab data systems into the cancer care team workflow. Below you’ll find a recap of our talk about integrated pathology approaches—how they impact diagnostics, coordination of care, and improve the patient experience and...


Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Clinical Decision Making

This week XIFIN will be speaking at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. This is the 25th annual conference and this year it is expected to have an estimated 3,700 thought leaders present.I will be discussing artificial intelligence (AI) vs. medical doctor. I feel AI and machine learning in pathology would have to complement the regular clinician’s assessment of certain disease states and...