Transforming RCM
for a Changed World

Transforming RCM for a Changed World

Transforming RCM for a Changed World

End-to-end Billing and Claims Processing • Insights Like Never Before • New Patient Demographic and Insurance Discovery Capabilities • Portals That Pay

XIFIN RPM is a comprehensive, award-winning, accounts receivable and financial management solution for diagnostics providers. It transforms the way you manage your business by automating the end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) process and providing actionable insights through robust advanced analytics solutions.

Are you struggling with collecting patient co-pays? Can’t keep up with changing payor requirements for appeals? Not sure which of your employees manages denials most accurately? Need to understand how many days it takes for a claim to reach a zero balance? XIFIN can help.

The XIFIN RPM platform maximizes reimbursements and cash collections through integrated capabilities that include robust workflow automation, enhanced patient and client portals, and additional business intelligence (BI) solutions, including AI-enabled advanced analytics.

XIFIN RPM's cloud-based platform enables regular updates with timely edits that ensure you always have the latest enhancements. XIFIN RPM 12 features user experience and productivity enhancements as well as additional portal functionality and engagement tools. Transformative RCM capabilities improve reimbursement and revenue by making payment collections easier, using appeal automation, and working with RCM optimization solution partners. Plus, you can optimize performance in critical areas and have insight into more meaningful metrics with XIFIN’s expanded portfolio of advanced analytics.

Transform Your RCM Today

Flexible Billing Model

Whether you outsource your diagnostic billing and financial management, or your team uses XIFIN RPM to manage your revenue cycle process, XIFIN provides what you need now and in the future. Is your business challenged with a fixed cost structure? Are you looking for a flexible cost structure and the ability to adapt to market dynamics? With service options and a pricing model that align with diagnostic claim volume changes, XIFIN's outsourced billing service is a choice that supports your changing business needs. Plus, because we recognize many diagnostic providers are struggling to keep up with the accelerated digital transformation of healthcare, we now offer the ability to get started in as little as 30 days.

Enhanced Portal Capabilities

Client and patient portals improve cash collections, reduce costs, and increase engagement with physicians and patients

XIFIN RPM Client Portal

Clients using the XIFIN RPM Client Portal have experienced a reduction in the time it takes to resolve missing information required to obtain reimbursement by as much as 66%.

Diagnostic providers can improve engagement with their referring physicians by providing:

  • Easy to use order entry capabilities
  • Ability to review statements at the line item level
  • Access to test information and pricing
  • Capability to obtain a more specific patient responsibility estimate based on multiple data sources
  • Correct billing errors upfront to expedite reimbursement
  • The ability to submit supporting documentation required for denials and appeals

Help your referring physicians improve their patients' experience by using both the XIFIN client and patient portal, which are designed to work together and are connected in near real-time as part of the XIFIN RPM platform. 

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XIFIN RPM Patient Portal

Diagnostic leaders need to strategically consider how they may increase payments and lower costs while improving the patient experience. Patient portals reduce unnecessary incoming calls to your team members and allow patients to pay their bill quickly.

Clients who use the XIFIN RPM Patient Portal have experienced a 52% reduction in calls requiring an agent, a 10% reduction in calls going through their interactive voice response system, and an additional 15% incremental increase in payment per patient. Not to mention the cost savings of not mailing patient invoices.

The patient experience can be improved by making it easy to:

  • Access and update existing account information
  • View statements
  • Make payments 24/7/365
  • Change credit card information
  • Make a payment plan (based on a diagnostic provider’s defined business rules)
  • Select invoicing preferences, including the option to opt into paperless and interactive statements
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New and Improved Advanced Analytics Options

XIFIN’s AI-enabled analytics solutions uncover insights that can inform both diagnostic billing workflows as well as business forecasts. Insights could suggest changes to workflow configuration that prioritize effectiveness, not just productivity. Financial forecasting can improve with the ability to determine reimbursement likelihood on near-term outstanding accounts receivable.

XIFIN RPM 12, with referential integrity, can scale to handle the most sophisticated data models and adapt to new market requirements. Recently, XIFIN clients needed more specific insights for their business. In response, XIFIN developed and released a new Advanced Analytics option called “Essentials.” Now XIFIN clients can choose to have access to weekly financial and operational performance measures and key performance indicators.

"The analytics are transformational. We have done extraordinary things in terms of using analytics to isolate and correlate issues with the data. This has helped us identify trends and root cause issues."

Al Namey
Chief Financial Officer
Sonora Quest Laboratories
Quote from the following IDC White Paper

Actionable Insight Is Transformative

Business Intelligence comes standard with XIFIN RPM. Advanced analytics options offer robust visualizations, making complicated financial analysis much more manageable. Choose from four options.


New weekly snapshots of important critical operational metrics such as productivity, volume, cash, exceptions, top denial codes.


Executive-level guided analytics and KPIs. Pre-set visualizations can be easily modified using the numerous drop-down menus or filtering capabilities.


Subject-specific visualizations such as accession lifecycle or test level analysis. The freedom to explore the data as well as the ability to amend visualizations or create new visualizations from scratch with drag-and-drop functionality.


Seeking custom data models, the ability to integrate additional data sources, or how to use AI? XIFIN can work with your team to develop what you need.

Missing or Incorrect Patient Data?

XIFIN RPM and Waveland Technologies Can Help

XIFIN solution partners are just one of the ways we deliver maximum value to our clients. XIFIN partners with healthcare innovators who also recognize the power and value of interoperability and communication.

In addition to the patient data discovery and matching capabilities within XIFIN RPM, our clients now can choose to work with our newest partner, Waveland Technologies. Waveland offers an advanced healthcare industry data source for finding insurance coverage and correcting insurance and patient demographic data. XIFIN RPM clients benefit from enhanced data procurement automation. Between these capabilities and XIFIN RPM’s "Auto Match" and "Match Compare" automated capabilities, as well as use of the XIFIN Client Portal, most insurance related demographic errors are quickly resolved.

Together, XIFIN and Waveland directly impact diagnostic providers’ bottom lines by increasing their revenue through increased reimbursement and decreasing administrative labor costs by eliminating manual review and keystrokes in multiple systems to update records.

"Correcting insurance coverage related errors remains one of the costliest problems in the healthcare industry, affecting diagnostic providers, referring physicians and patients. Collaborating with Waveland is a continuation of our commitment to deliver the most advanced and automated revenue cycle ecosystem. By expanding our capabilities and partners, we provide our customers with the options they need to improve their eligibility and coverage determination and discovery processes and reduce related manual tasks. It is paramount that patients receive the care they need, and that diagnostic providers manage their testing with maximum efficiency and are reimbursed appropriately for their efforts."

Lâle White
CEO & Executive Chairman

XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company’s cloud-based technology facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care.

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