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The No Surprises Act, which includes surprise billing legislation, was signed into law the final week of 2020 and is slated to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. Surprise medical bills are unexpected balances the patient owes. While emergency medicine is often the poster child for the most egregious balance bills, the surprise billing law is likely to have an impact on diagnostic provider billing and negotiations with payors as well.

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With the scrutiny of surprise billing on the rise and as increase in self-pay, patient and physician engagement is more important than ever.

XIFIN RPM is a comprehensive, award-winning, accounts receivable and financial management solution for health systems, diagnostics providers and specialty physician groups. With an extensive set of patient and client engagement tools. It transforms the way you exchange information with your patients and clients which shortens turnaround time, ensures timely filling, and improves cash collections.

See how these diagnostics innovators are leveraging XIFIN capabilities to transform their patient and physician experience and improve their bottom line.

  • Ambry Genetics delivers price transparency by combining text delivery with out-of-pocket estimator
  • BioReference Laboratories leverages Client Portal to engage physicians and correct missing/incorrect information
  • Pathnostics improves patient experience and speeds reimbursement with its test results-enabled Patient Portal
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Ambry Genetics Increases Price Transparency During the Ordering Process

Ambry is the first XIFIN client to provide the ability to notify patients that they can retrieve their estimated out-of-pocket expense via text message, provide the ability for patients to approve the estimate, move forward, and prepay for the test all through the XIFIN RPM patient portal.

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Recently, the Ambry Genetics operations team determined that its current revenue cycle management (RCM) system was neither robust nor scalable enough to meet growing demand and corporate objectives. Like many genetic labs with customized testing solutions, Ambry struggled with how to best provide its patients and physicians price transparency during the ordering process. The company sought an RCM solution to facilitate and enhance the patient experience, provide business intelligence that integrates with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and gain multi-faceted services and expertise.

The Ambry team was quick to make use of many of the XIFIN RPM capabilities and prioritized the utilization of the patient out-of-pocket expense estimator and the patient portal. XIFIN and Ambry collaborated on the development of additional methods of communicating with patients with respect to the out-of-pocket expenses. Through this cooperative approach, XIFIN developed near real-time text and email notifications to patients when their  patient responsibility estimations  were ready for review. Ambry is the first XIFIN client to provide the ability to notify patients that they can retrieve their estimated out-of-pocket expense via text message, provide the ability for patients to approve the estimate, move forward, and prepay for the test all through the XIFIN RPM patient portal.

Read the entire case study to learn about Ambry Genetics their patient centric approach.

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BioReference Improves Turnaround Time for Missing or Incorrect Information

Clients using the XIFIN RPM Client Portal have experienced a reduction in the time it takes to resolve missing information required to obtain reimbursement by as much as 66%.

They improve engagement with their referring physicians by providing:

  • Easy to use order entry capabilities
  • The ability to review statements at the line-item level
  • Access to test information and pricing
  • An accurate patient responsibility estimate based on multiple data sources
  • The ability to correct billing errors upfront to expedite reimbursement
  • The capability to submit supporting documentation required for denials and appeals
While quality diagnostics remains at our core, our goal is to help physicians provide better service and empower patients with the knowledge to better care for themselves. The XIFIN RPM technology infrastructure, analytics and services have been an essential component in meeting this goal. As a result, we now have almost 3,000 physicians using the XIFIN client portal. XIFIN has been able to reduce the time it takes to obtain corrected or missing information from physicians from an average of 90 days down to 20 days, thereby accelerating the time to reimbursement and cash collection and reducing administrative burden. At the same time, volumes have more than doubled and it has been handled to the same level of excellence with our clients and patients, without needing to add additional staff.
Kevin Feeley
CFO | BioReference Laboratories

Pathnostics Improves Accessibility to Test Results

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the team at Pathnostics began running COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Immediately their testing volume soared to unprecedented levels.

In collaboration with XIFIN, many performance enhancements were introduced to their LIS and RCM solution that streamlined the workflow, ensuring claims were submitted in a timely manner and speeding reimbursement. As part of this optimization, the XIFIN Client Portal enables Pathnostics to communicate test results back to the ordering physician automatically, as soon as the report is available. Most importantly, the company can deliver test results to patients directly through the XIFIN Patient Portal.

Download the case study to learn how the Pathnostics approaches delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

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