PriorAuthNow, a leading prior authorization solution, is now available for XIFIN RPM 9 customers seeking increased revenue and a simplified prior authorization process for their lab, clients, and patients.

Navigating Prior Authorization of Molecular and Genetic Tests
June 21, 2018 at 11:00 AM PT


We all know prior authorizations are complicated and confusing. Let XIFIN RPM 9 do the heavy lifting with its integration of PriorAuthNow. Together, we already know what to send, where to send it, how to send it, and how to get you reimbursed for it, so you don’t have to worry about it.


On average 1% of a Health System’s revenue is written off due to lack of prior authorization, and 40% of PAs are abandoned due to complex approval policies. If your lab hasn’t automated the prior authorization process, you are leaving money on the table. Ensure you capture the most revenue by using PriorAuthNow with XIFIN RPM 9, the revenue cycle management system that hundreds of laboratories rely on to process more than 200 million medical claims annually.​


$31 billion is spent on prior authorizations each year because it is so labor intensive. XIFIN RPM 9 captures the PriorAuthNow information which provides a time and money-saving automated process that most organizations lack. One place where all prior authorizations are submitted, monitored, and completed and seamlessly sends all PA required information and documentation for the claim reimbursement. All without human intervention unless an exception is triggered.


Make it easier for physicians to use your lab by enabling access to a completely automated prior authorization process with PriorAuthNow. Improve the patient experience by ensuring they do not opt-out or delay necessary diagnostic procedures because of the complexity of the prior authorization process.

Visit our XIFIN RPM 9 page to learn how XIFIN is helping labs increase their reimbursements and lowering their costs through effective revenue cycle management.

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XIFIN is committed to helping our revenue cycle management customers simplify their processes, increase their revenue, reduce their costs, and enhance the healthcare experience by offering integrated technology solutions like PriorAuthNow. Integrating with a proven prior authorization solution that automates a highly complex and manually intensive process is key to improving the bottom-line of labs today.

Lâle White

CEO & Executive Chairman XIFIN, Inc.

We are very excited to be partnering with the laboratory industry’s leader in revenue cycle management. As we look to solve the prior authorization process across the healthcare landscape, XIFIN was a natural fit to serve diagnostic laboratories. We believe that the integration of PriorAuthNow within XIFIN RPM 9 will allow laboratories to accelerate access to important diagnostic procedures, reduce denials, and improve reimbursements.

Joe Anstine

Co-Founder & CEO PriorAuthNow

PriorAuthNow is disrupting the $31 billion PA industry by providing powerful, secure software to simplify how providers connect with insurance carriers. The PriorAuthNow platform is the fastest, most economical way to submit, monitor and finalize PAs.