Clinical Laboratory Information Systems

A Top Clinical Laboratory Information System Can Make All the Difference
XIFIN RPM in the Lab

Labs face a number of issues, including decreasing reimbursement, increased competition for outreach work, and increased client demand for direct EMR interfaces. In response to the issues, laboratories are looking to drive out inefficiencies?especially in manual workflows?and reduce costs, and to improve their service offerings. Legacy software systems are inefficient and fail to support current revenue models.

Clinical laboratory Information systems have evolved into complex applications that meet the specialized needs of laboratories. With an ability to work well with individual patient records, facilitate medical test results, and provide an interface with a billing system - an efficient LIS is your best bet in improving efficiency, and managing information in your healthcare organization. You can now smoothly and efficiently manage your laboratory’s special complexities - with XIFIN.

XIFIN offers XIFIN LIS Anywhere – today’s most advanced laboratory information system available. Seamlessly facilitating a secure exchange of various financial, diagnostic, and clinical information, XIFIN’s cloud-based diagnostic platform connects all laboratory operational components from a single, easy-to-use, platform.

Allowing easy integration to your existing workflow environment, XIFIN LIS Anywhere offers laboratories seamless access to:

  • Separate professional and technical components for revenue sharing programs
  • Fully integrated billing solutions eliminating the need for complex time consuming, complex, billing interfaces
  • Flexible workflow and reporting programs
  • Individual testing results from a single comprehensive summary report
  • Integrated digital pathology workflow with analytics tools

XIFIN LIS Anywhere can enable your laboratories to stay competitive by combining processing workflow optimization, efficiency, quality assurance, and data validation. Check out our white paper on cloud-based technology to best know what to consider when selecting an LIS solution.