Lab Information Management

Transform your Business with an Effective Laboratory Information System

XIFIN LIS Anywhere

Labs face a number of issues, including decreasing reimbursement, increased competition for outreach work, and increased client demand for direct EMR interfaces. In response to the issues, laboratories are looking to drive out inefficiencies especially in manual workflows and reduce costs, and to improve their service offerings. Legacy software systems are inefficient and fail to support current revenue models.

Modern laboratories demand massive connectivity and data exchange, operate in a highly regulated environment, and require the utmost in security. At the same time, Laboratory information systems require flexibility, ease of use, and optimal workflow.

Laboratories and pathology practices today have to process and report data for clinical subjects and specimens while satisfying auditing needs of various health service agencies and regulatory bodies. A best in class laboratory information system that connects and manages all operational components under a single integrated platform, that has optimization for pathology and next-gen sequencing while still encompassing clinical laboratory needs is imperative.

To stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment, modern laboratories should be using LIS platforms that allow them to combine process efficiency, consolidated reporting, quality assurance, data validation, and proper workflow management.

XIFIN takes it one step further in not only doing all of that but also doing it in the cloud. New business models can easily be integrated into XIFIN's cloud-based LIS Anywhere solution. Cloud delivery means no costly IT requirements or software maintenance, HIPAA-compliant security, and scalability for any size laboratory or practice. With XIFIN LIS Anywhere, you can support:

  • New revenue models - flexible and extensible architecture supports revenue sharing through separation of technical and professional components
  • Integrated billing solutions for clients
  • Esoteric testing modules for FISH, Flow, IHC, Cytogenetics, and Molecular testing
  • Digital pathology
  • EMR interfacing
  • Combining individual testing reports to one comprehensive summary report
  • ICD10 readiness to ensure no loss of revenue

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