XIFIN's deep expertise in clinical laboratories is reflected in stellar performance, with an average 8% improvement in cash recovery.

Given the unmatched flexibility and accuracy of the XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform, it's little wonder why seven of the ten largest clinical laboratories in the United States rely upon XIFIN RPM for their billing processes.


  • Optimized Approach to Billing and A/R – XIFIN’s revolutionary approach to process optimization takes a holistic view of laboratory billing, including workflow design and automation, deep integration with third party technologies, and expert managed services and consulting. By fusing these elements within best practices methodologies, XIFIN RPM doesn’t just improve upon a broken process, it provides an entirely new framework for your laboratory's billing and revenue cycle management.
  • We Focus on Technology, so You Can Focus on Your Business – XIFIN RPM's Cloud-based design means laboratories are no longer required to maintain the expensive IT hardware and software infrastructure necessary to run a secure, enterprise-class laboratory billing system. XIFIN’s dedicated staff work together on your behalf, ensuring that you are automatically kept up to date with the latest standards and compliance changes in the industry.
  • GAAP Compliant Financials – Timely and accurate financial data is not only required for compliant billing — it is essential to growing and optimizing your business operations. Going beyond traditional laboratory billing systems, XIFIN RPM includes a complete financial accounting package that provides laboratory management with a detailed picture of both revenue and expenses, including precise, GAAP compliant, financial data for the general ledger.
  • Detailed Analysis of Clinical Laboratory Performance – You cannot manage what you cannot measure, and for this reason XIFIN RPM includes XIFIN Business Intelligence, state-of-the-art functionality that helps you get the most from your data.  You’ll have easy access to the knowledge you want about business performance and key metrics. Imagine having the information you need to improve decision-making, enhance contracting and account management, and identify business areas that could most benefit from process optimization.

XIFIN has a deep understanding of the clinical laboratory market; in fact, XIFIN’s founders are former executives from some of the largest and most successful clinical laboratories in the US. Our experience has armed us with intimate knowledge of both reimbursement issues and the failures of traditional billing software and services to adequately address the challenges laboratories face.