Hospital Outreach laboratories have unique requirements and constraints specific to the hospital environment

Outreach laboratories, like all laboratories, face burgeoning healthcare costs, economic pressures, and increased governance, all of which exert downward pressure on reimbursement rates, even as order volumes, patient responsibility, and billing complexity rise. But they also face additional obstacles stemming from working within a hospital environment. All too frequently, they have less control over their systems and suffer from an inability to accurately measure performance and program success. Their success and profitability hinge on good visibility paired with efficient and effective operations, but they are often hobbled by hospital systems that do not meet their outreach programs' demands.

Powered by XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform, XIFIN solutions are uniquely able to deliver the interoperability, connectivity, advanced workflow, and visibility needed to have a successful outreach program. XIFIN delivers measurable results, with both improved cash collections and gains in efficiency that substantially improve the bottom line.

XIFIN RPM: Lets outreach programs take control of their billing operations and optimize their financial performance

XIFIN LIS Anywhere: Leverage the cloud to optimize your laboratory operations, however complex the organizational structure. Handle multiple entities and locations with ease from within one system. Easily incorporate digital pathology into your workflow.

XIFIN ProNet: Instantly and securely collaborate across campus or around the globe. Manage international consults from referral to payment.

Improve Cash Collections

  • Collect cash faster
  • Discover additional cash
  • Identify paid versus contractual allowed amounts

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Maximize customer service staff productivity
  • Eliminate billing IT infrastructure costs

Maximize Compliance with Guidelines and Standards

  • Proactively track, interpret and implement payor changes
  • Reduce risk by ensuring compliance with OIG guidelines

Capture and Use Accurate and Precise Financials

  • Report general ledger-ready financials in accordance with GAAP/SARBOX
  • Gain full visibility over billing operations. Access detailed financial & operational performance metrics in real time
  • Evaluate and optimize billing, contract, payor and client performance