As diagnostic and monitoring tests for pain management become increasingly complex, many labs struggle to optimize billing and reimbursement strategies. XIFIN RPM is helping some of the country’s largest pain management laboratories deliver superior results.

Pain management laboratories are under pressure to manage growth and address reimbursement challenges that accompany testing procedures that can be complex and variable (for therapeutic drug monitoring), or ongoing (when testing for patient compliance). XIFIN RPM combines best practices, advanced automated workflow, and expert managed services into a powerful mechanism for optimizing cash and reducing risk, all while decreasing IT infrastructure.

  • We Help You Stay in Front of Change – Whether it’s managing the typical reimbursement challenges faced by all laboratories, or addressing longstanding difficulties such as modifier and consolidation rules, new payor requirements and split jurisdiction issues, we’ve been on the forefront of these issues and have designed XIFIN RPM and our managed services to quickly adjust to the needs of our clients.
  • We Help You Adjust to Rapid Growth – Don’t be overwhelmed by your claims volume. XIFIN RPM utilizes a sophisticated rules-based workflow to automate the claims process, enabling laboratories to more easily scale their billing operations to match their rapid growth.
  • Detailed Analysis of Performance – Included with XIFIN RPM is XIFIN Business Intelligence, state-of-the-art functionality that helps you get the most from your data.  You’ll have easy access to the knowledge you want about business performance and key metrics at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it. Imagine having the information you need to improve decision-making, enhance contracting and account management, and identify business areas that could most benefit from process optimization.
  • GAAP Compliant Financials – Going beyond traditional laboratory billing systems, XIFIN includes a complete financial accounting package that provides management with a detailed picture of both revenue and expenses, including precise, GAAP compliant, financial data for the general ledger.
  • We Focus on Technology so You Can Focus On Your Business – XIFIN RPM is wholly Cloud-based, a delivery model that ensures it is always current, always compliant. Better still, XIFIN RPM means laboratories no longer need to own or maintain maintain the expensive IT hardware and software infrastructure necessary to run a secure, enterprise-class laboratory billing system.

Designed around industry best practices, and used to process more than 200 million claims for most of the nation's largest laboratories, XIFIN has proven to be an important partner in enabling laboratories to automate their billing systems, better manage medical claims filing, and reduce liability risks associated with payor and regulatory compliance.