Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop

The world of healthcare is changing – the clinical laboratory is changing with it. While the traditional, transactional lab model continues to serve as a foundation, the emerging Clinical Lab 2.0 business model leverages longitudinal laboratory data to produce actionable, clinical insight, driving better outcomes for patients, providers, and financial stakeholders alike. Clinical Lab 2.0 re-engineers the role of lab in the care continuum, aligning with the future of value-based healthcare. The annual Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop continued the conversation, to progress the industry from test volume to lab value.

XIFIN participated as a Bronze Educational Grant Sponsor.

Clinical Lab 2.0 is a Project Santa Fe Foundation initiative, in partnership with LTS Health. It was established both to provide thought leadership and to help develop the evidence base for the valuation of clinical laboratory services in the next era of global healthcare. The participants in Project Santa Fe represent major organizations in global diagnostics, uniting to operationalize laboratory-driven innovations and test their valuation in diverse global marketplaces.


Chicago, IL
Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop

Bronze Educational Grant Sponsor