DPA Pathology Visions

The Pathology Visions Conference gave attendees the opportunity to learn about real-world, practical applications in the ever-evolving field of digital pathology. The Digital Pathology Association’s annual meeting provided attendees with direct access to industry leaders, their choice of cutting-edge workshops with distinguished trade visionaries, the chance to see the latest product solutions, and much more.

XIFIN participated as an attendee.

The Digital Pathology Association (DPA) is a nonprofit organization comprised of pathologists, scientists, technologists and industry representatives dedicated to advancing the field of digital pathology. The organization’s mission is to facilitate awareness, education and adoption of digital pathology and AI applications in healthcare and life sciences. Members are encouraged to share best practices and promote the use of the technology among colleagues in order to demonstrate efficiencies, share knowledge and its ultimate benefits to patient care.


Diginal Pathology Association
Las Vegas, NV
DPA Pathology Visions