Webinar: Future of Clinical Laboratories - Winning Strategies & Growth Opportunities

What are the winning strategies for a laboratory to be successful? This webinar focuses on the state of the clinical laboratories market in the US, Canada, and Europe. Given the reimbursement cuts, it is essential to understand how this can impact the revenue-generating abilities of clinical laboratories and what strategies they can take now to keep the business profitable. 

Hear Divyaa Ravishankar, Industry Principal, Frost & Sullivan and Kyle Fetter, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Diagnostic Services, XIFIN, in this webinar: Future of Clinical Laboratories—Winning Strategies & Emerging Growth Opportunities. The presentation provides an overview of the current state of clinical laboratories and recommendations for future success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what is driving business for clinical laboratories and what will change in the future
  • Learn how are clinical laboratories adjusting to the declining reimbursement situation
  • Gain insight on ways a data-driven approach can help laboratories increase efficiency
  • Better understand how blockchain applies in the world of clinical laboratory services testing

Featured XIFIN Speaker

Kyle Fetter
Executive Vice President & General Manager of Diagnostic Services

Additional Speaker

Divyaa Ravishankar
Industry Principal
Frost & Sullivan 


Frost & Sullivan

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