Webinar: Pathology Drives Cancer Moonshot Initiative: It All Begins with a Diagnosis

Since the Moonshot hit Congress, how can pathologists and other clinicians play a more significant role in the war on cancer? Changes in the way healthcare is delivered are driving the industry aggressively toward more cost effective, value-based care models. Technology that enables the delivery of medicine in this new paradigm connects healthcare stakeholders with the tools they need to ensure patients get the best care at the lowest cost. Healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to improve patient care first and foremost, and to reduce cost by increasing efficiencies—all while ensuring appropriate reimbursement.

Listen to Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Frishberg on the webinar to:

  • Examine the history of the Cancer Moonshot Initiative
  • Discuss the role of pathologists and clinicians in the war on cancer
  • Examine the impact of healthcare reform on pathology practices and reimbursement
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges for pathologists and clinicians presented by value-based care models
  • Explore the patient journey and how technology can be leveraged to enable new service models to drive better outcomes
  • Hear from XIFIN, QualityStar, and Mikroscan on how technology can address the war on cancer
The ultimate goal is to empower physicians through knowledge sharing to drive quality, and demonstrate value for their practices.



Dr. Keith Kaplan, Clinical & Anatomical Pathologist


Dr. David Frishberg, Vice Chair, Anatomic Pathology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center