Webinar: What Should Your Potential Investors Want to Know? Building a Compelling Case to Attract Capital for Your Diagnostics Laboratory

In our complimentary webcast, two of the industry's leading experts on laboratory commercialization, Rina Wolf and Lew Schuster, provide guidance on how early stage or emerging laboratories can distinguish themselves in a competitive funding environment. Do you know what you need to have in place to attract funding partners?

  • Understanding investors' issues with validation and adoption
  • Differentiating your laboratory in a crowded funding environment
  • Anticipating and preparing for investor questions
  • Recognizing what investors should be asking, and developing a strategy to steer due diligence in the right direction
  • Responding to questions about your reimbursement strategies

In an environment where investment and innovation are being suppressed by a lack of clear regulatory or coverage paths, it is imperative for young labs to understand the current atmosphere. What are investors looking for, and what should they really be asking? What will you need to have to your pharmacoeconomic justification makes sense? What is the role of clinical utility? In one information-packed hour, we will cover the essentials for successful laboratory capitalization.

Featured XIFIN Speaker

Rina Wolf
Vice President, Commercialization Strategies, Consulting & Industry Affairs
​XIFIN, Inc.



Rina Wolf, Vice President, Commercialization Strategies, Consulting & Industry Affairs, ​XIFIN, Inc.


Lew Shuster, CEO, Shuster Capital