Unilab Reports Extraordinary Results From Eligibility Query and Correction Service Developed by Medical Business Applications Inc.

Unilab, California’s largest provider of clinical laboratory services, reports extraordinary results from the eligibility query and correction service developed by Medical Business Applications Inc. (XIFIN), an Application Service Provider of innovative billing and claims management solutions for clinical laboratories. The service has transformed a cumbersome, manually intensive process to check, correct and update eligibility information for MediCal patients to one that is fully automated and 100% reliable. Besides freeing up staff time, there has been a 90% decrease in denials for patient eligibility, dramatically improving cash flow and reducing bad debt.

XIFIN maintains all aspects of the process including, interfaces, updates, and billing system specific cross-references. "The results of our initial trial of XIFIN’s MediCal eligibility check service have been promising," said Bob Whalen, CEO of Unilab. "The benefits have been immediate. We are anxious to introduce this service throughout our entire operation. The innovative approach that XIFIN has taken with this as well as its other claims and billing management services bodes well for our industry, desperate for better solutions to handle our financial operations."

"We are very pleased with the results at Unilab," said Lale White, CEO of Medical Business Applications. "The healthcare industry has been slow in adopting Internet solutions. This product demonstrates the power of using the Internet to streamline targeted back-office processes in laboratories. Previously unmanageable bad debt and compliance challenges can now effectively be addressed and managed at a fraction of current costs through our applications and services. The eligibility service is only a small part of our comprehensive accounts receivable service."

Unilab Corp. is the largest provider of clinical laboratory testing services in California through its primary testing facilities in Los Angeles, San Jose and Sacramento, and more than 300 regional service and testing facilities located throughout the state.

Medical Business Applications Inc. is an Application Service Provider (ASP) focused on the financial management needs of clinical reference laboratories.

XIFIN’s initial offering is a fully compliant, web-based order entry, accounts receivable and financial management system and service. The system is designed to completely automate the claims and billing process, while maximizing submission of correct and complete claims, ensure process compliance, and provide management tools that dramatically simplifies the processing of denied claims as well as gain better insight to financial operations.


XIFIN is an innovative software and services company dedicated to optimizing the economics of healthcare. The company's cloud-based technology and business intelligence platform links healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care, optimizing both business and patient outcomes and providing informed, streamlined diagnostic and business decision-making. To learn more, visit, or follow XIFIN on Twitter at!/xifin.


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