XIFIN Expands Its Presence Among Top U.S. Labs By Partnering With Leading Esoteric Reference Laboratory

XIFIN®, Inc., announced today that it has executed an agreement with Mayo Medical Laboratories, the reference laboratory for Mayo Clinic, to install its revenue cycle management system and services.

Four of the largest eleven U.S. medical laboratories have chosen XIFIN as their revenues cycle management solution.

For large laboratories, XIFIN offers many unique advantages:

Technology: XIFIN's web-based, Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) model is the most advanced platform available today. Its design can easily support the demands of the largest labs. It is a comprehensive, highly automated solution that seamlessly adapts to the continually changing operating requirements for laboratory billing such as reimbursement and billing rules changes, providing always up-to-date capabilities as an on-going, on-demand service.

Data Accessibility: a valuable by-product of XIFIN’s automation and transactional management design is unprecedented financial reporting and analysis capabilities. Such detailed, precise and accessible financial reports enhance labs’ ability to monitor and manage key operational performance indicators.

Customer Support: XIFIN’s customer and technical support services are actively involved with each client on a daily basis providing around the clock support. The management team, with years of operational experience in major laboratories, well-understands the need for prompt response and quick resolution to problems whenever they arise.

Reputation: XIFIN was founded and is managed by nationally recognized experts in laboratory billing and financial management, and has been supporting several of the leading laboratories in the U.S.

"The XIFIN team is honored to be selected by Mayo Medical Laboratories and excited to work with a laboratory of such national stature," said Lale White, Executive Chairman of XIFIN. "XIFIN uniquely meets the evolving demands of large, complex laboratories to help them effectively manage their businesses now and into the foreseeable future."


XIFIN is an innovative software and services company dedicated to optimizing the economics of healthcare. The company's cloud-based technology and business intelligence platform links healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care, optimizing both business and patient outcomes and providing informed, streamlined diagnostic and business decision-making. To learn more, visit, or follow XIFIN on Twitter at!/xifin.


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