Emerging Trends Healthcare Industry

XIFIN Has The Solution To Emerging Trends In The Healthcare Industry

You're accustomed to fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement, but that is changing. New trends in the healthcare industry are emerging, such as value-based reimbursement. Value-based reimbursement is determined by the value of care delivered and providers must have a sophisticated data system in place to help measure the quality and financial performance for each patient. XIFIN has the solution for processing financial information and the rich data required to understand and measure value with this emerging trend.

XIFIN Connected Health, a cloud-based delivery system, is the optimal marriage of diagnostic, clinical, and financial data, making it the best answer for supplying the necessary data needed for value-based reimbursement requirements. XIFIN offers many solutions to meet these requirements:

  • XIFIN Physician Collaboration Solutions - a dynamic digital consultation platform that brings multi-disciplinary physician collaboration capabilities between any network
  • XIFIN Laboratory Information System (LIS) Solutions - the most advanced LIS available leveraging the Health Economics Optimization platform for the secure exchange of diagnostic, financial, and clinical information
  • XIFIN Billing Solutions: Revenue Performance Management (RPM) - brings a polished set of automated workflows that ensures submitted claims are accurate and payable before submission and conform to payor requirements

XIFIN is on your side to incorporate emerging trends and the shift to value-based reimbursement. To learn more about XIFIN Connected Health and emerging trends contact us today.