XIFIN ProNet Value-based Applications

XIFIN ProNet Value-based Applications

Collaborate and communicate across departments, disciplines and organizations

Connected health is the systematic application of healthcare IT to facilitate the accessing and sharing of information, as well as subsequent analysis of health data. More than simple management and analysis of data, connected health encourages communication and collaboration among all of the various stakeholders involved in a patient’s health.

With their focus on facilitating the cloud-based exchange of diagnostic images, clinical data, and other patient encounter information, XIFIN ProNet applications epitomize connected health. ProNet applications deliver targeted workflows and functionality to address specific program needs:

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Promote real-time multi-disciplinary team collaboration and data exchange with XIFIN ProNet MDT. As healthcare increasingly recognizes the benefits of intersecting oncology, pathology and radiology, XIFIN ProNet MDT provides a means to associate and assess radiology results and pathology findings before a final diagnosis is rendered to improve diagnosis, treatment and patient outcomes. Manage diagnostic images, clinical data, and other patient encounter information and securely deliver information sets within and between networks.

Consultation Network

With a single point of access and universal digital medicine capabilities—turnkey online tools that do not depend on proprietary digital image accessibility or closed network integration—XIFIN ProNet Consultation Network helps break down communication silos so diagnostic service providers can consult and collaborate with colleagues inside and outside of their networks, across campus and around the world, in real time.​

Continuity of Care Documentation

An essential element in the drive for electronic data exchange and coordinated care, this standards-based document is an essential communication tool for providers. XIFIN ProNet CCD delivers comprehensive continuity of care documents with integrated images for improved collaboration and patient engagement:

Continuity of Care document

Quality Assurance and Training

Cases of delayed, missed and incorrect patient diagnosis is a growing concern.  In the U.S., the rate of diagnostic error is estimated to be between 10 to 20% of all cases, accounting for 40,000 – 80,000 deaths per year.  Research by Johns Hopkins indicates that over the past 25 years of malpractice claims studied, diagnostic errors accounted for nearly 29% of insurance claims at a cost of almost $40 billion. Leverage XIFIN ProNet collaboration technologies to facilitate teaching, training and quality assurance. Utilize workflows designed specifically for peer and case review and gathering quality assurance measures, and produce the appropriate documentation to support regulatory quality measure compliance.