Hospital Groups Market Expertise

XIFIN recognizes the unique needs of hospital-based radiology groups. We let you take control of your billing, improving reimbursement while also improving operational efficiency. XIFIN’s interoperable platform enables hospital and external system connectivity that eliminates data synchronization problems. We optimize your billing data, processes, systems integration, and connectivity to keep costs low and productivity high, improving your financial and clinical outcomes.

Hospital-based radiology groups that outsource their billing can spend as much as 8% of revenue on billing. Groups that utilize hospital billing systems don’t pay for billing outright, but suffer with systems that are neither meant for nor optimized for radiology. In both cases, the lack of visibility and workflow efficiency seriously undermine group performance. With its deep understanding of Hospital radiology group billing and reimbursement XIFIN offers proven solutions that provide a more effective and less costly way to manage your revenue and billing.

XIFIN offers a unique combination of a cloud-based Health Economics Optimization Platform supported by extensive managed services to provide hospital groups with new capabilities to improve profitability by reducing days to paid claims, minimizing denials, and increasing billing staff productivity. XIFIN improves communications and connectivity between the radiology group and the hospital with which it is affiliated. This improved connectivity enables real-time order validation, automates error identification and correction, and keeps costs low due less reliance on manual processes.

Reducing the administrative burden of your billing staff improves productivity and reduces costs. XIFIN provides a superior approach that combines the power of maintaining control over your billing system with the freedom from maintenance and update headaches that fully outsourced billing provides. XIFIN is a proven partner in enabling hospital-based radiology groups to automate the billing system, better manage claim submission, and reduce payor and regulatory compliance liability risks.