Mobile Imaging Market Expertise

Moving beyond simple billing management, XIFIN helps Mobile Imaging providers maximize financial and clinical results, and improve physician and patient satisfaction.

Mobile Imaging providers serve both patients and referring physicians with accurate results in a timely manner. Providing high-quality diagnostic data quickly helps ensure that referring physicians continue to choose the Mobile Imaging providers that are easy to work with and responsive to their needs, as well as their patients’ needs. XIFIN is immersed in understanding both the reimbursement and connectivity needs for Mobile Imaging providers, and the failures of traditional billing management approaches.

XIFIN provides more than just a billing system. Built on the XIFIN Health Economics Optimization Platform, XIFIN radiology billing solutions provide comprehensive financial management capabilities that enable Mobile Imaging providers to operate at maximum efficiency, cash flow, and profitability. XIFIN also provides an extensive set of managed services that allow Mobile Imaging providers to automate and retain control over the billing and reimbursement process, while outsourcing the more tedious IT, processing and maintenance steps.

XIFIN helps Mobile Imaging providers strengthen relationships with referring physicians and patients by deploying portals and web services to deliver financial and clinical information directly to physician offices and both acute and long-term care facilities. XIFIN improves communications and connectivity between the Mobile Imaging provider and its physicians, which enables long-term care facilities to replace paper census with a real-time web service.

This improved connectivity also enables real-time eligibility verification, order validation, and automates error identification and correction. Less reliance on manual processes lowers costs and improves physician satisfaction. Submitting clean claims up front improves efficiency, reduces denials, and shortens the payment cycle. XIFIN is a proven partner in enabling Mobile Imaging providers to automate their billing systems, better manage claim submission, and reduce liability risks associated with payor and regulatory compliance.