RPM 9:  Leveraging the Power of Patient and Physician Engagement

XIFIN RPM: Leveraging the Power of Patient and Physician Engagement

At XIFIN, our mission is to empower diagnostic providers to optimize their performance. We do this by helping labs drive down costs through automation, maximize the value they gain from their financial operations, and provide the data they need to truly understand their business. There is one other important capability we provide – connecting the lab to the patients, the ordering physicians, and the payors.

This connectivity is a critical component for diagnostic providers. By making it easier for any missing patient or insurance data to be easily captured, and enabling patients to make payments through an automated system, the relationship between the physicians and the lab is strengthened. XIFIN is actively helping diagnostic providers unlock the potential of this new connectivity by:

  • Enabling physician order entry to ensure clean claims upfront
  • Enabling clients to check patient eligibility, test specifications, and pricing information
  • Providing patient and client account and payment services

The XIFIN Client Portal helps labs more deeply integrate the relationship, communication, and data exchange between a diagnostic service provider and referring physician. It also increases ordering physician satisfaction and reduces errors. Through the portal physicians and their office staff can more effectively:

  • Perform order entry
  • Access clinical decision support
  • View statements
  • View test information and pricing
  • Correct billing errors
  • Upload documents (e.g., medical records or prior authorization forms)

The XIFIN Patient Portal provides 24-hour convenient access to lab results, statements, and bill pay. Payments made through the portal are applied to the patient’s account. Together these portals facilitate access to interact with your lab securely online, make payments, view pricing, fix errors, and upload documents – all in real-time as an extension of XIFIN RPM 9.

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