On-Demand Webinar Focusing on Hospital Outreach Labs

On-Demand Webinar Focusing on Hospital Outreach Labs: Tips to Optimize Your Financial Performance


In a recent survey, we asked participants how confident they were in their organization's plan to offset upcoming revenue loss due to the recent changes in PAMA reimbursement rates. Less than 25% of those polled said they felt "confident" in their organization's plan, and zero reported being "very confident." At XIFIN we offer several tools and services that empower users, so they can feel more confident in the integrity of their data, overall revenue cycle management infrastructure, enabling them to better plan for any changes that may affect their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) processes.

In our recent webinar, "Optimizing Your Hospital Outreach Lab's Financial Performance," we covered the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and gauge the success of hospital outreach laboratory programs, industry trends, opportunities and challenges, and information to help you optimize your organization's RCM process.

This webinar also covered the two main changes affecting the industry today:

  1. PAMA: New cuts require organizations to be more efficient in how they handle Payor fee schedules
  2. FASB: New accounting rules require organizations to move to a contract-based accrual system to avoid potentially substantial reporting penalties

FACT: Most hospital outreach labs consistently leave 20-30% of potential revenue on the table. The strengths of healthcare systems-based outreach programs include their rapid turnaround time, quality, and customer service. To help organizations grow their strengths, and increase their revenue, XIFIN offers various levels of cloud-based services for a faster, more secure, efficient way of doing business.

To discover how your organization can become more confident in its RCM process, and leverage the right tools to help collect on potential revenue, access this recorded webinar today.

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