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XIFIN Joins COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

Laboratory diagnostics have a critical role to play in the current novel Coronavirus (COVID-29) pandemic, and laboratories nationwide are rising to the challenge of supporting the influx of needed coronavirus testing, which is key to managing the pandemic and refining the models that inform public policy. As a committed partner to diagnostic providers and the healthcare industry, XIFIN has made dedicated efforts to bring important payor information and testing resources closer to labs on the front lines of diagnostics for COVID-19. As part of those efforts, XIFIN has joined the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, where it will participate in the collaborative effort to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.

The COVID-10 Healthcare Coalition

The coalition is private sector-led and includes a diverse set of healthcare and technology firms that have pledged to work together, and in conjunction with federal, state, and local government agencies, toward the single aim of saving lives and keeping the US healthcare delivery system functioning. The coalition is bringing together the brightest minds, assets, and insights from across the private sector to coordinate an accelerated response.

The coalition is leveraging the private sector’s collective experience, capabilities, and data to more effectively deploy resources and better support our frontline healthcare organizations and workers. De-identified data, whether clinical insights into the behavior of the virus or resource requirements such as ICU beds and ventilators, will be shared to accelerate learning and the development of best practices and early therapies. The coalition is guided by world-class leaders with strategic, operational, and clinical expertise.

XIFIN has joined the coalition to provide its expertise in laboratory operations, billing, payor relations, and data analytics to work alongside other industry leaders to get critical resources where they can have the greatest impact in protecting people, patients and front-line healthcare workers. The coalition has started with a focus on increasing testing capacity across the country, to coordinate early therapies, and to accelerate vaccine development. XIFIN shares the coalition’s view that collectively, applying data analytics and evidence-based decision-making can save lives.

As XIFIN CEO Lâle White explains, “Time is of the essence, and industry coordination is imperative to address this unprecedented health event. XIFIN has always provided support and advocacy for the diagnostic community, and today we are helping our partners determine how to best operate in this environment. XIFIN is committed to continuing that effort to help our customers and our nation get through this crisis,”

Specifically, the coalition has organized Working Groups around the following strategic priorities, which may evolve as we try to work at the speed of the virus: 

  • Connecting global personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers to those healthcare organizations with the most pressing needs for critical medical equipment, including N95 respirators, ventilators, and other protective equipment
  • Connecting government agencies focused on COVID-19 initiatives and health systems to startups that can accelerate ventilator manufacturing, and support surge capacity through telemedicine
  • Coordinating the sharing of real-time clinical care guidance, including the best protocols for treating COVID-19 from across the nation and globally
  • Coordinating data analytics capabilities to collate the best information from around the globe to provide insights and enable real-time learning
  • Connecting various private sector capabilities to accelerate telehealth, home care, and other alternatives to reduce the non-critical patient load at hospitals

In addition to its participation in the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, XIFIN continues to gather payor guidance and laboratory support information in our COVID-19 Laboratory Resource Center. We are continuously updating the resource center with the latest guidelines and information. XIFIN also continues to facilitate the sourcing and reallocation of available resources between labs. See more details and a list of supplies needed, here.

In addition, XIFIN is assisting our client labs to rapidly prepare for COVID 19 testing by adding COVID-specific test setup and workflow (including instrument integration and results reporting) options to XIFIN LIS, our cloud-based laboratory information system — enabling laboratories to fast track their test implementation and validation.

XIFIN is committed to continuing the effort to help our customers and our nation get through this crisis and is proud to work alongside its clients, partners, and coalition members who are also in this fight.

You can find the full list of coalition members, as well as news and other COVID-19 related resources at

To learn more about our XIFIN's involvement with the COVID- 19 Healthcare Coalition and other advocacy efforts, read this press release.
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