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XIFIN Advanced Analytics Help Diagnostic Financial, and Billing Leaders More Easily Explore Complex RCM Data: XIFIN BI Enterprise

RCM data is complex and by its very nature, changes through the claim lifecycle, which can make analysis challenging. That is why XIFIN RPM now offers advanced analytics and visualization options, in addition to its powerful business intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities.

Executive Advanced Analytics: Question and Answer Storyboard Format

XIFIN currently offers four advanced analytics options designed to make different RCM data available for easier and faster financial reporting and analysis. Previously two of these options were detailed in the following blog posts:

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XIFIN Advanced Analytics Enterprise Solution

With the XIFIN BI Enterprise solution, it is easy for data-driven team members, such as financial analysts, to understand their organization's RCM data more deeply. They are then better armed to answer executive questions and contribute to making better business decisions. The Enterprise view allows the ability to synthesize RCM data to uncover patterns and insights while also enabling users to know their accounts at-a-glance and undertake detailed, granular data exploration when desired. With pre-configured dashboards, the Enterprise solution enables leaders to access and analyze even the most complex diagnostic financial and operational data. While the solution provides easy to consume charts and graphs, users also have access to the datasets themselves, facilitating detailed data exploration and the ability to amend existing visualizations or create new views using various dimensions and measures.

There is a different subject-specific dataset for each decision area, enabling users to get deeper into the data. For example, users can drill down and examine individual work queues to identify more definitively where a bottleneck may be occurring in the workflow. This helps identify and solve operational problems all in one place. For example, there is no longer a need for a billing manager to run and compile multiple reports to identify the source of slowdowns in the order entry process.

The Enterprise solution is powerful and flexible. It is made up of subject-specific workbooks containing several dashboards that display analytics and key performance indicators.

The Accession Lifecycle workbook includes the following dashboards:

Overview – Accession Lifecycle Trending Dashboard
Reimbursement Analysis
Price Accession Analysis
Accounts Receivable Dashboard
Zero Balance Adjustments
Zero Balance Sub Phases
Throughput Analysis

The Accession Lifecycle Trending Dashboard helps to answer critical questions about where accessions are in the process, such as:

  • What part of the process are claims/accessions sitting in?
  • How many accessions were sitting in each phase from one week to the next?
  • What is the accession volume by phase?
  • Who are the best/worst performers based on throughput?

The Reimbursement Analysis Dashboard highlights anomalies and outliers as they relate to changes in allowed amounts. A table and a graph of the outliers present two unique views that offer complementary analyses to understand any anomalies.

Finally, the Test-Level Analysis Workbook provides insights on volumes, sales, payments, and adjustments for ordered tests.

Gain Financial and Operational Insight to Maximize Reimbursements

To thrive in today's hyper-competitive healthcare marketplace, diagnostic organizations need trusted, accurate financial and operational data, reporting, and analyses that deliver insights, track trends, and monitor critical statistics.

These organizations also need fully auditable information with financial integrity. This is one of the significant benefits of XIFIN RPM. Speed is also critical to efficient and effective business processes. Access to source data and analytics needs to be available at any time without impacting a production system's performance. XIFIN BI and Advanced Analytics makes this possible, which can transform the way diagnostic organizations approach long-term decision making and drive workflow optimizations. View a quick demo of XIFIN BI Enterprise below. For more information on Advanced Analytics and to see a full demo, contact us.

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