New Waived Tests

CMS announced that the FDA has waived seven more tests under the test categorization scheme established by CLIA. The tests and their CPT codes are:

Correct Coding Edits

CPT Code/Modifier Effective Date Description
86703QW 06/25/2004 OraSure OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test {Oral Fluid, Fingerstick Whole Blood and Venipuncture Whole Blood}
84443QW 08/18/2004 ThyroTec, Inc. ThryoTest Whole Blood TSH Test
87880QW 10/29/2004 Beckman Coulter ICON DS Strep A Test
87880QW 10/29/2004 Laboratory Supply Company (LSC) PEP Strep A Cassette Test Laboratory Supply Company (LSC) PEP Strep A Dipstick Test
87880QW 10/29/2004 Stanbio Laboratory EZ-Well Strep A Rapid Device Test
83036QW 11/09/2004 Provalis Diagnostics In2it In-Office Analyzer (II) A1C Prescription Home Use Test System

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