New Waived Tests for Mar. 2005

CMS announced that the FDA has waived seven more tests under the test categorization scheme established by CLIA. The tests and their CPT codes are:

Correct Coding Edits

CPT Code/Modifier Effective Date Description
86703QW 06/25/2004 OraSure OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test {Oral Fluid, Fingerstick Whole Blood and Venipuncture Whole Blood}
84443QW 08/18/2004 ThyroTec, Inc. ThryoTest Whole Blood TSH Test
87880QW 10/29/2004 Beckman Coulter ICON DS Strep A Test
87880QW 10/29/2004 Laboratory Supply Company (LSC) PEP Strep A Cassette Test Laboratory Supply Company (LSC) PEP Strep A Dipstick Test
87880QW 10/29/2004 Stanbio Laboratory EZ-Well Strep A Rapid Device Test
83036QW 11/09/2004 Provalis Diagnostics In2it In-Office Analyzer (II) A1C Prescription Home Use Test System

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