Benefits Identification Card Number Update

Until the statewide issuance of the new 14–character Medi–Cal Benefits Identification Cards (BICs) is completed , Medi–Cal recipients will have a BIC with either a 10– or 14–character ID. The claims processing system will accept both types of BIC ID numbers until new billing requirements are implemented in late 2005 or early 2006.

Eligibility Verification

The eligibility verification system accepts all 14–characters; however, only the first 10–characters are returned with the eligibility verification response. After the statewide issuance is completed, the eligibility verification system will return the full 14–characters of the BIC ID with the eligibility verification response.


The claims processing system accepts all 14–characters, however, the system only processes the first 10–characters. Providers should bill using the ID number from the BIC for which they received an eligibility verification response.

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