New Waived Tests for Jun. 2006

The following are the latest tests approved by the FDA as waived tests under CLIA. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for the following new tests must have the modifier QW to be recognized as a waived test.

CPT Code / Modifier Effective Date Description
86308QW 01/24/2005 Icon Mono
81003QW,82570QW 09/07/2005 Bayer Clinitek Status Urine Chemistry Analyzer
83001QW 01/10/2006 Biotechnostix, Inc. Rapid Response FSH One Step Menopause Test Device
80101QW 01/17/2006 First Check Diagnostics First Check Multi Drug Cup
83036QW 02/17/2006 Axis-Shield Afinion AS100 Analyzer
86308QW 02/22/2006 RAC Medical Clarity MONO Mononucleosis Rapid Test Device {Whole Blood}
80101QW 02/22/2006 First Check Diagnostics First Check 12 Drug Test
80101QW 02/27/2006 Biotechnostix Rapid Response Multi-Drug, Multi-Line Screen Test Card with Integrated Cup
80101QW 03/03/2006 Biotechnostix Rapid Response One Step Multi-Drug, Multi-Line Screen Test Device

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