RARC & CARC Updates

The November 2005 through February 2006 updates have been posted.

New Remark Codes

New Code Current Narrative
N365 This procedure code is not payable. It is for reporting/information purposes only.
N366 Requested information not provided. The claim will be reopened if the information previously requested is submitted within one year after the date of this denial notice.
N367 The claim information has been forwarded to a Health Savings Account processor for review.
N368 You must appeal the determination of the previously adjudicated claim.
N369 Alert: Although this claim has been processed, it is deficient according to state legislation/regulation.

New Reason Codes

New Code Current Narrative As of
193 Original payment decision is being maintained. This claim was processed properly the first time. February 2006
194 Payment adjusted when anesthesia is performed by the operating physician, the assistant surgeon or the attending physician. February 2006
195 Payment denied/reduced due to a refund issued to an erroneous priority payer for this claim/service. February 2006

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