Acceptance Period Extended

In July 2006, the Form CMS-1500 (12-90) was revised by the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) predominantly for the purpose of accommodating the National Provider Identifier. Since that time, the industry has been preparing for the implementation of the revised Form CMS-1500 (08-05). In September 2006, Medicare announced that it would implement the revised Form CMS-1500 (08-05) on January 01, 2007 with dual acceptability of both versions until March 31, 2007. Medicare further announced that beginning April 01, 2007, the only acceptable version of the form would be the Form CMS-1500 (08-05) and that the prior version, Form CMS-1500 (12-90), would be rejected.

The GPO has determined that the source files they received from the NUCCÕs authorized forms designer were improperly formatted. Given the circumstances, CMS has decided to extend the acceptance period of the Form CMS-1500 (12-90) version beyond the original April 1, 2007 deadline while this situation is resolved. Medicare contractors will be directed to continue to accept the Form CMS-1500 (12-90) until notified by CMS to cease. At present, CMS is targeting June 1, 2007 as that date.

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