NPI Final Implementation

Once CMS ends its' NPI contingency, the legacy number will NOT be permitted on any inbound electronic and outbound electronic transaction (there are exceptions to the 835 remittance advice (see CR5452)). Medicare contractors will begin rejecting claims, electronic, including direct data entry, that contain legacy provider numbers for any primary provider instead of or in addition to the NPI number. The following HIPAA transactions are also affected:

  • X12N 276/277 Claim Status Inquiry/Response Ð (see CR5726 for details.)
  • X12N 837 Coordination of Benefits (COB) Ð NPI only will be sent on the 837 coordination of benefits. Legacy numbers are not allowed. An exception will exist for claims that have not cleared the system by the date that CMS ends its NPI contingency plan. Such claims may contain the legacy number and, therefore, the COB transaction will also include the legacy number.

No later than May 23, 2008, providers should ensure that all HIPAA transactions sent to Medicare contractors contain only valid NPI numbers (no legacy provider numbers.)

Effective Date: No later than May 23, 2008. Implementation Date: January 7, 2008 and April 7, 2008

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