Submission of Referrals and Authorizations

TriWest offers more than one option to submit your referrals and authorizations. TriWest’s preferred method of submitting referrals and authorizations is online through the secure provider portal at

Online Submission - Once you become a registered user of on the secure provider portal, you can access the “Learn to Submit Requests” reference materials and watch a brief eSeminar to get you started and guide you through the process. In most cases, you will get an almost immediate response to your online referral and authorization requests. Regardless of how you submit your request, you can view the real-time status of your request online. In some cases, you could even give the beneficiary a copy of their approved request before they leave your office.

Fillable Form/Fax Submission - Download the “fill & print” form from, Find a Form tab, then type the required information into the form, print a copy and fax it to TriWest. When faxing, it is imperative that you complete and fax BOTH pages of the fillable form in order to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.

Traditional Form/Fax Submission - If it is necessary for you to fax a referral and/or authorization to TriWest, you can obtain the TRICARE Patient Referral/Authorization Form at and under the “Find a Form” tab. Print the form, handwrite or type the required information, then fax it to TriWest.

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