Provider Data Summary Report

All members of the jurisdiction 9 (J9) provider community (Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) can take advantage of the Provider Data Summary report (PDS) portal to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of their Medicare billing operations.

PDS reports help providers identify and correct recurring billing issues:

Available for Part A and Part B providers throughout J9, the PDS is a comprehensive and free online billing report that is designed to be utilized along with Medicare Remittance Notices (MRNs) and other provider-accessible billing resources. The PDS report helps providers identify and anticipate potential Medicare billing issues through a detailed analysis of personal billing patterns in comparison with those of similar providers during a specified billing period. If an issue is identified, the provider can respond proactively to prevent the issue from occurring in the future thus avoiding the necessity of reacting to a billing error that could have easily been averted.

Learn how to improve your Medicare billing accuracy and efficiency:
Discover how easy it is to order this helpful report through the new online PDS portal and learn how to use your results to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your billing operations. Begin, by reviewing the PDS quick-start guide, which provides instructions for establishing your free PDS account, managing your profiles, and generating a PDS report.

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