Modifications to the Implementation of the Paperwork (PWK) Segment for X12N Version 5010

This article is based on CR 7306, which instructs Medicare contractors about additional business requirements that are necessary to complete the implementation of the PWK segment scheduled for July 2011. Medicare contractors will only return an incomplete/incorrect fax/mail cover sheet, when such is received. In CR 7041, the attached data was to be returned as well, but that is no longer the case. Also, note that CR 7306 requires your contractor to mask any Protected Health Information (PHI) on the fax/cover sheet returned to you. In addition, the following changes will result from CR 7306: • In PWK02, Medicare contractors will only use values BM and FX and will communicate that via the companion document. • Medicare contractors will have the ability to accept the PWK02 value of EL for those contractors in a CMS-approved electronic claims attachment pilot. • Contractors will allow seven calendar "waiting" days (from the date of receipt) for additional information to be submitted when the PWK02 value is EL.

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