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National Government Services is launching a new Self Service center on the Web site. Several easy-to-use tools and calculators will be included with the initial launch and are designed to save you time as well as reduce phone calls to the Provider Contact Center. The following tools and calculators will be implemented for Part B providers. • Additional Development/Documentation Request Timeline Calculator: Submit medical records on time by using this calculator to obtain the date medical records are due in response to additional development requests. • Claim Timely Filing Calculator This calculator will ensure you are submitting your claims within the timely filing limits. • Interactive Voice Response Conversion Tools: Use the Beneficiary Name to Number Converter and PTAN and Beneficiary Medicare Number Converter to simplify your experience with the interactive voice response (IVR) system, and make the process of obtaining the accurate information more efficient. • Medicare Enrollment Application Fee Decision Tree: Prevent delays with the provider enrollment process by using this valuable tool to help you determine when a fee must be submitted and how to do that. • Redetermination Filing Calculator: Don’t miss the opportunity to appeal a claim decisionuse this calculator to find the date on which your redetermination rights will expire.

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