Standing Orders

In response to provider queries, Noridian provides the following clarification on the use of "standing orders" for laboratory tests. Medicare generally requires that lab tests be individually ordered by the treating physician. However, in some circumstances, recurring orders for a lab test that are specific to the needs of an individual patient may be reimbursable. Automatic, routine, or generic standing orders for lab tests, such as those pre-printed for use with patients undergoing a procedure or admission, whether for all such patients or all those treated by a specific practitioner, are not allowed under Medicare. Preprinted or electronic lists of potential orders are permitted if the provider individually affirms, defines, or otherwise modifies each component as appropriate for an individual patient’s clinical circumstances. Noridian Administrative Services: Carrier/FI for Arizona, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Minnesota.

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