January 2012 MolDx Program Update

As a result of the comments from the lab industry on the MolDx program, Palmetto has made the following program updates:

  • Published MolDx Exempt Tests:
    • This chart details tests that require a Z-Code and a Technology Assessment (TA). As exceptions are identified, we will continue to update this chart.
  • Z-Code Application Changes:
    • To simplify the application process, ONLY the minimum information necessary to assign a Z-Code will be required. All other informational columns have been removed or listed as optional entry fields.
    • To view specific changes see Z-Code Application Spreadsheet Revisions/Clarifications (XLS, 130 KB)
  • Z-Code Licensing Agreement:
    • To ensure the agreement protects all parties, the following changes have been made:
      • Clarify protections of registrants’ confidential and proprietary information
      • Provide registrants with confidence that McKesson will not unreasonably suspend access to Z-Codes or withdraw Z-Codes
      • Clarify licensees’ breadth of use cases for Z-Codes taking into account scenarios like sample claims used in marketing

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