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The Medicare Learning Network® offers several ways to search and quickly find articles of interest to you: ï MLN Matters® index: A list of common keywords and phrases contained within MLN Matters® articles. Each index is organized by year with the ability to search by specific keywords and topics. Most indices link directly to the related article(s). For a list of available indices, visit the MLN Matters® articles Web page and scroll down to the "Downloads" section. ï MLN Matters® dynamic lists: An archive of previous and current articles organized by year with the ability to search by keyword, transmittal number, subject, article number, and release date. To view and search articles, select the desired year from the left column on the MLN Matters® articles Web page. ï MLN Matters® electronic mailing list: This free electronic notification service sends an email message when new and revised MLN Matters® articles are released. For more information, including how to subscribe to the service, view the "How to Sign Up for MLN Matters®" document. You can also view and search an archive of previous messages here.

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