Attention: All Providers Special Bulletin Published on Rendering Provider Service Location

Effective immediately, rendering providers are no longer required to list the addresses of all their service locations under their individual provider records in NCTracks. Providers complied with this requirement by submitting a Managed Change Request (MCR) to NCTracks. No further action needs to be taken by the provider at this time. The Rendering Service Location claim edit is currently set to “pay and report” to alert providers to update the rendering provider location on the provider record. The edit was scheduled to be changed to “pend” on May 1, 2017; that change will not be implemented. Further, effective March 5, 2017, providers will no longer receive this Informational (pay and report) Edit 04528 RENDERING PROVIDER LOCATION CODE SET BASED ON TAXONOMY on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) 04528 on the Remittance Advice (RA). Claims with invalid billing or attending provider locations will continue to pend.

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