PECOS Primary Practice Limitations

CMS has created the ability to add a primary practice location to the reassignment record of a rendering practitioner in PECOS. This information is used to provide practice location information on’s Physician Compare site. Novitas wants their provider community to be aware of some limitations within the PECOS in utilizing this reassignment primary practice location field. Currently, PECOS only allows one primary and one secondary address per group tax identification number. This means that if a provider is reassigning their benefits to a group with more than two PTANs that have different primary practice locations, PECOS is limited to showing only one primary and one secondary practice location on the reassignment summary page. The approval letter for a provider’s reassignment(s) will always mirror what is in PECOS. This means the letter can only reflect the new reassignment(s) with one primary and one secondary practice location, regardless of what was requested on the application. CMS is aware of this system limitation, however, they are not aware of when or if PECOS will be enhanced. Please look for future communications regarding this matter from Novitas and CMS.

SOURCE: Novitas Medicare News 7/25/2017
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