Quality Payment Program: Explanation of Special Status Calculation

CMS has new information on the Quality Payment Program website that indicates whether clinicians have “special status” and can be considered exempt from the Quality Payment Program. These circumstances are applicable for rural, non-patient facing and hospital-based clinicians, as well as clinicians in Health Professional Shortage Areas and small practices. To determine if a clinicians’ participation should be considered as special status under the Quality Payment Program, CMS retrieves and analyzes Medicare Part B claims data. A series of calculations are run to indicate a circumstance of the clinician's practice for which special rules under the Quality Payment Program (QPP) will affect the number of total measures, activities or entire categories that an individual clinician or group must report.  These circumstances are applicable for clinicians in: Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA), Rural, Non-patient facing, Hospital Based, and Small Practices. 


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