Providers may resubmit claims that denied inappropriately for EOB 2504

The Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) identified an issue in CoreMMIS that affected claims to which a member's primary insurance applied 100% of the allowed amount to the member’s deductible. This issue caused some claims to be denied inappropriately for explanation of benefits (EOB) 2504 - This member is covered by private insurance which must be billed prior to Medicaid. Claims processed on or after February 13, 2017, when CoreMMIS was implemented, were affected by this issue. Effective immediately, providers with claims processed in CoreMMIS that denied incorrectly for EOB 2504 may resubmit the previously denied claims for reimbursement consideration. Claims resubmitted beyond the one-year filing limit must include a copy of this banner page as an attachment and must be resubmitted within one year of publication.

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