Verma: Trump Administration Mulling Mandatory Payment Models

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma said Thursday that while the Trump administration has focused on voluntary payment models, that is likely to change. During a speech at the National Association of ACOs conference in Baltimore on Thursday, Verma said launching mandatory payment models is crucial to avoid selection effects that can skew data on how well they’re working. 

In a voluntary model, only the providers who see that they may benefit financially are likely to join on their own, which can limit the participation pool, the CMS chief said. 

“Requiring participation also helps us understand the impact of our models on a variety of provider types, so the data resulting from the model will be more broadly representative,” Verma said. Verma also highlighted the status of CMS’ overhauled version of the Medicare Shared Savings program, called Pathways to Success. The agency updated the most popular accountable care organization (ACO) program to push providers into taking on greater risk more quickly.


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