New Law Expands Kickback Liability for Laboratories, Recovery Homes, and Clinical Treatment Facilities

Clinical laboratories, recovery homes, and clinical treatment facilities should take note of a new law that expands kickback liability to non-governmental payors.

Similar to the prohibitions under the federal anti-kickback statute (AKS), EKRA generally prohibits (1) the solicitation or receipt of any remuneration in return for referring a patient to a laboratory, clinical treatment facility, or recovery home, and (2) the payment or offer of any remuneration to induce a referral of an individual to a laboratory, clinical treatment facility, or recovery home or in exchange for an individual using the services of a laboratory, clinical treatment facility, or recovery home.

Health care providers should note three key features of EKRA:

  • First, EKRA applies to any “health care benefit program” which includes commercial payors and government programs. This is broader than the AKS which is limited to governmental payors.
  • Second, EKRA covers clinical laboratory services provided at any laboratory subject to CLIA including services unrelated to opioid treatment and recovery.
  • Third, EKRA is a criminal statute that contains a “knowing and willful” intent requirement.


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