The World Health Organization Updates Essential Diagnostics List

The World Health Organization (WHO) released its second Model List of Essential In Vitro Diagnostics to help member nations identify the most common diseases and diseases that the organization has granted global priority status.

The updated list builds on the WHO's first list, released in May of 2018, which comprised 113 types of IVD tests. The new list comprises 122 test categories — 46 general IVD tests for routine patient care and for detecting and diagnosing a wide array of disease conditions; 69 IVDs intended for detecting, diagnosing, and monitoring specific diseases; and seven test categories for the screening of blood donations.

WHO noted that in expanding the second category of tests to 69 IVDs from 55 in the first list, it is including noncommunicable tests with a new section covering cancer tests, as well as a set of general tests, including a new anatomical pathology section.

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