North Memorial Reference Laboratory

North Memorial Reference Laboratory

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In this video, North Memorial Reference Laboratory (NMRL), part of the North Memorial Health Care System serving the metropolitan Minneapolis area, discusses how it successfully brought its billing in-house from an outsourced services provider. As part of a system-wide initiative, NMRL’s laboratory billing had been outsourced to a national outsource billing service. The resulting loss of control, lack of visibility, and billing provider’s laboratory billing practices created problems that rippled throughout North Memorial.

NMRL acted quickly to take back control over its billing and business and transitioned to XIFIN RPM in March, 2014; with strong financials, heightened customer service, and improved staff morale, NMRL has never looked back.

NMRL has seen “phenomenal changes from two years ago,” including 30% year over year growth in revenue in 2014. Watch the video to hear more about the laboratory’s impressive turnaround.

The data we get is sound, is valid. Actually, XIFIN is our source of truth. Even when accounting or finance questions volumes, we say, let's go to XIFIN— that's our source of truth.

—Bobbi Kochevar
Director of Diagnostic Therapy & Care Management, North Memorial
North Memorial Health Care is a comprehensive health care system comprised of hospital, primary, specialty and urgent care clinics, outpatient centers, medical transportation, and home and community outreach services. North Memorial is a leader in delivering advanced medical care.
Robbinsdale, MN
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